U.S. History 1865-Present

Mrs. Lisa Lewis
Time available for calls and conferences: Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 11:15 am.

Welcome to U.S. History 1865-Present. This semester will be an adventure beginning after the Civil War that will take us up to present day. Everything that you will need to be successful in class will be clipped into your INB (Interactive Notebook). We have a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time. Students, please be on time, prepared and ready to learn. Parents, please review your child's planner each night for updates and assignment changes.

Classroom Expectation:
Treat OTHERS the way YOU want to be treated.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference” Winston Churchill

Daily Requirements:
Positive Attitude
History Notebook with paper
Completed Homework (if assigned)
Pencil Pouch which contains:
Pencils with erasers
Colored pencils
Glue stick

Assignments for the Week of March 19 - 23
We will finish the WWI unit this week with a test planned early next week. Nutrition will be on Monday.
Monday: No homework
Tuesday: Quiz over secret alliances and the reasons for U.S. involvement
Wednesday: Complete Woodrow Wilson's words
Thursday: Complete review packet and study for test
Friday: WWI unit test on Tuesday, study packet and notes

Assignments for the Week of March 12 - 16
We will continue working on the WWI unit.
Thursday: Study notes, quiz over secret alliances on Tuesday
Friday: No homework

Assignments for the Week of March 5 - 9
The unit test for the Spanish American War/Teddy Roosevelt unit will be on Thursday, March 8. We will work on the study guide on Tuesday & Wednesday. The WWI unit will begin on Wednesday.
Monday: Unit test on the SAW unit Thursday, be preparing
Tuesday: Study notes and complete study guide
Wednesday: Study for test
Thursday: Complete WWI mneumonics
Friday: No homework
Video on WWI

Assignments for the Week of February 26 - March 2
Unit test on the Immigration/Industrialization Unit, please study your review packet. We will begin the Spanish American/Teddy Roosevelt Unit on Wednesday.
Monday: Unit test, study!!!
Tuesday: No homework
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Study p.2 notes for quiz
Friday: No homework

Assignments for the Week of February 19 - 23
This week we will complete the Immigration and Industrialization Unit. A major unit test is planned for next Tuesday.. Please be preparing throughout the week for this test. A notebook check will be taken when the test is taken. If there are any questions about notebooks students can come in and see me before school any day this week.
Monday: Quiz Wednesday over pp. 6 - 12
Tuesday: Complete p. 7, advertisement study for quiz
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Complete questions on your job as a child laborer
Friday: Immigration and Industrial Unit Test: Tuesday, February 27

Assignments for the Week of February 12- 16
This week we will begin the Immigration and Industrialization Unit. We will discuss why immigrants are moving to America in the early 1900's and why cities developed.
We will also discover the problems immigrants faced in the cities and talk about the reformers who tried to help them.
Monday: Study pp.2 & 4 for a quiz on Wednesday
Tuesday: Study for quiz on Wednesday, complete p.1 in the notebook
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Complete paragraph on your favorite inventor, please include who, what, when, where, why, and how.
Friday: No homework

Assignments for the Week of February 5 - 9
We will complete the Westward Expansion unit on Thursday with a test. The review packet will be handed out on Tuesday, if you are absent make sure to get your make up work caught up before the test. We will begin the Immigration/Industrialization unit on Friday.
Monday: No homework
Tuesday: Westward Expansion unit test on Thursday, be preparing
Wednesday: Study for test
Thursday: Complete journal entry
Friday: No homework

Assignments for the Week of January 29 - February 2
This week we will finish the Westward Expansion Unit, focusing on Native Americans. Friday we will work on a review packet for the unit and we will take the test next Tuesday, February 6. On Wednesday we will have nutrition during our history time.
Monday: No homework
Tuesday: Complete first paragraph of journal entry
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Study for Native American quiz: Friday
Friday: No homework

Assignments for the Week of January 22 - 26
On Monday we will finish the Reconstruction unit and take the open-note test on Wednesday. On Tuesday we will begin the Westward Expansion unit. We will discuss reasons people went West, adaptations/inventions that were used, and the conflicts faced by Native Americans.
Monday: No homework
Tuesday: Reconstruction/Segregation & Discrimination open-note test tomorrow, please make sure your all of the sheets in your notebook are complete
Wednesday: Complete p.3 in Westward Expansion unit
Thursday: Quiz Friday over pp. 2 & 4 in the Westward Expansion unit
Friday: No Homework
Video on the Transcontinental RR
Videos on Westward Expansion
Video on Ghost Dance at Wounded Knee

Assignments for the Week of January 15 - 19
This week we will continue and complete the Reconstruction unit. The Reconstruction open note test will be Thursday, January 14. Students will have a map test on Friday, January 15.
Monday: Study for Rocky Mtn. and Southwest Quiz, P. 1 map due on Tuesday
Tuesday: Study for the Pacific and Noncontiguous Quiz and complete p.7 in the Reconstruction unit
Wednesday: Be prepared for the open note Reconstruction test on Thursday
Thursday: Map test on Friday, be able to label all 50 states, 19 cities, and 7 regions
Friday: No Homework

Assignments for the Week of January 8 - 12
We will continue the map unit and begin the Reconstruction unit,
Wednesday: Map quiz on Friday over the Northeast and Southeast Regions. p.1 map is due on Tuesday
Thursday: Map quiz on Monday over the Midwest Region
Friday: Study Midwest region map, p 1. map due Tuesday

Assignments for the Week of January 3-5
We will take a diagnostic to test student's knowledge of history. We will begin the map unit on Wednesday and continue it in to next week and also begin the Reconstruction unit. Major map test on Friday, January 12.
Wednesday: No homework
Thursday: Map quiz over the Northeast and Southeast regions on Monday Reconstruction amendments quiz on Friday
Friday: Map quiz over the Midwest region on Tuesday

Grading Policy:
Tests: 40%
Quizzes: 30%
Homework: 10%
Projects (Including INB Checks): 20%

Grading Scale:
A 93 -100
B 85 - 92
C 77 - 84
D 70 - 76
F 69 - Below