Karen Chamberlain

Family and Consumer Science- EAT REAL FOOD!

Contact: email - karenchamberlain@scsb.org healthy_food_pyramid.jpg

phone - 646-3942, planning 8:30a.m. - 9:40a.m.

My Daily Schedule:
1st block - Planning2nd block - Exploratory 63rd block - Wilson Reading4th block - Smart block/lunch5th block - Exploratory 76th block - Exploratory 8 Exploratory fees:6th grade - $4.007th grade- $5.008th grade - $6.00 All fee money is used for consumable items like FOOD!!!!!
*Please pay fees! This helps us cook more often!!
*Keep notebook neat, and respectful of other's property.
*Complete all make-up work when you are absent! Remember to wash your hands to prevent colds and flu!
All classes for 6th and 7th grade last 12 weeksin length while the 8th grade class lasts 18 weeks,a full semester.
This week we will be sewing on all of our projects until the end of school. Some projects take longer than others, and with the last 6 weeks of school we will be SOL testing, some classes will be missed but we will
finish all projects for the summer. Have a great end of the year. It's an exciting time, anticipating NO SCHOOL for 10 weeks, remember to read in your spare time, enjoy being with friends.

I'll see you next year as a substitue in your classes, you'll have a new FACS teacher and she'll be GREAT!

I'll miss YOU when those yellow buses start rolling in August!!! See you in OCTOBER!