Language Arts
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Let your imagination grow.... read!
Let your imagination grow.... read!


All assignments are put on daily by 4:00, so please check each day for updates.

Students need to read 10 minutes every night in their independent novels.

Monday, April 30

3rd block- Analogy activities
4th block- Reviewed for SOL unit 11 assessment discussion Challenge with roots/prefixes
5th block - SOL review discussion of Unit 11 assessment Assignment: read pages 304- 317 of Between novel

Tuesday, May 1

3rd block- Continued SOL reading strategies with Unit 11 Assessment
4th block- SOL review challenges
5th block- SOL review challenges and read Between pages 317 to 338 possible quiz on Wednesday

Wednesday, May 2

3rd block
4th block-
5th block-

All classes have independent books to be reading 15 mins. a night. Their AR goals have been set, and they will be working towards reaching that goal. Please encourage your children to be reading nightly so their comprehension will grow.

Thursday- May 3

1st block-SOL Review- organizational patterns and cause/effect
4th block- SOL Review--IXL - roots and story elements
5th block- SOL review- IXL and organizational patterns

Friday- May 4 Library

1st block-
4th block-
5th block-

Materials to help with current class activities:
Analogy Games:Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Analogy 1:Analogy challenge

subject verb agreement 3rd block:compound subject
packet of examples/practice:6
Quia compound subject practice: interactive
overall help subject verb agreement- helpful info

Connotation review exercise: Review

author's purpose
main idea
Stalin- Was it genocide?

Article: Behind Barbed Wire
Review Word study practice: Review:

Ad prfeix
ab prefix
roots aud, son, phon

Idiom list for bonus: idioms and meanings

Analogy notes and examples: slides

primary and secondary resources: slides you tube

viewpoint- nonfiction viewpoint
article-notes with bias
power point on point of view - slides 21 24 nonfiction) refer

power point persuasive essay: class notes #2-reference

analogy practice
Figurative language
Idiom meaning game

SOL practice sites:
main idea practice
Difficult practice passagea
Main idea interactive practice- Quia
main idea video

Quizlet review- prefixes, suffixes, and roots-review

Grammar Help:

subject verb agreement practice
Subject verb agreement practice quiz 2

Classroom Expectations

You will have great success in my classroom if you come prepared with materials, homework, and a positive attitude.
I expect my students to:
1. Always treat others with kindness (everyone should feel free to question or share in a discussion without fear of
being criticized)
2. TRY!! Always put their best effort into assignments and activities no matter how difficult. We sometimes achieve
greatness through our most difficult tasks.
3. Take responsibility for their own actions.
4. Turn in assignments on time. Late assignments will have points taken off the grade.
5. Turn in writing assignments with correct capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.
6. Read- everyone needs to bring a book to my class everyday. During an established reading time or in spare class time the student should read. There will be graded activities for this independent reading.
7. Accept everyone for their own unique personality.

Test Review Games
Figurative language-Rags to Riches
Figurative language 1- scatter race
Text structures-Rags to Riches

Signal words text structure:
Rags to Riches

In class review games:

prefix 2nd-prefix
Main idea #22
Main idea 23
Root Rags to Riches
Roots 1, 4, 5-review roots

Inference slide power point- infer
practice 2practice
plot diagram
Rags to Riches- Text structures Quia
-In class text structures practice

Basketball text structures review
Signal word Match up
Jeopardy signal words

external image moz-screenshot.png Enjoy the little things...
external image reading.jpg
Spend some time in a whole new world... open a book!

Quiz Links:

analogy (easy)
analogy notes

metaphor (easy)
Figurative language review moderate
Main Idea ( moderate)
Main idea #2
Fact opinion practice

Useful Links

Rags to Riches analogy
analogy practice game
Jeopardy analogy game-E1
Criterion login page
figurative language hangmanBaseball figurative language game

plot diagram
week 5 quiz review
figurative language quizlet
scatter figurative language game
learning figurative language
idiom Jeopardy-- become familar with common idioms
color idioms
analogy match middle
worksheet challenge
Figurative language videos-videos;video 2video

History Channel- video/article
Stalin article: information
More information on Stalin: History channel key details
inference image #

Between Shades Study Guide: guide