6th Grade Language Arts

Jody Murphy
Chilhowie Middle School
(276) 646-3942
Best time for conferences: 8:30-10:00 AM

1. You will meet your reading AR goal each 9 weeks.
2. It is the student's responsibility to come to me for missed work. If you know you will be out of school ahead of time, please come see me so that I can give you your assignments.
3. You will be required to read every night, along with any other assignments given.
4. Come to class prepared. Always bring your English binder, planner, and pencils, colored pencils, and post-it notes.

Grading Policy:
Daily work 30% of grade
Quiz 30% of grade
Tests 40% of grade

Every night read for at least 15 minutes!!!

May 1-5, 2017

Monday: introduce novel "Yellow Star". Hand out prologue vocabulary words and use in a sentence.
Tuesday: Read Yellow Star pages prologue-16. Discuss vocabulary words.
Wednesday- Read Yellow Star pages 17-35. Quiz on prologue-part one. Vocabulary words for part one sentences.
Thursday: Math SOL
Friday: Read Yellow Star Part 2 pages 36-42. Quiz on prologue-part one vocabulary. Introduce part two vocabulary words.