Mrs. Kristy Robinson CIVICS


Contact Phone #: 276-646-3942

Planning Period: 8:30-9:55

Conferences Available Upon Request

1st Period:Civics4th period:Civics5th Period: Civics


1. Be on time
2. Bring all materials to class every day
3. Be respectful of others and their belongings

Grading Scale:

A = 93-100
B = 85-92
C = 77-84
D = 70-76
F = 69 and below


SOL Review 1: Website
SOL Review 2: SOL Review Website


Civics is something new so you MUST study often to be successful in this class.

WEEK OF April 23-27

Civics SOL Test is May 18. Begin stuyding old test, quizzes, study guides as well as games and We have been doing review material in class which should be in their notebook.

SOL Review

MONDAY: SOL 13-14 test today!!!!!!!!!!

TUESDAY: Finish review packet- Snapshot 14 plus SOL 10 review- STUDY REVIEW MATERIAL FOR SOL TEST

WEDNESDAY: Completing review questions and 1/2 of Released Test in class- STUDY REVIEW MATERIAL FOR SOL TEST

THURSDAY: Completing other 1/2 of released test along with review questions- STUDY REVIEW MATERIAL FOR SOL TEST

FRIDAY: Go over Released Test along with Review games!!!