Welcome to Mrs. Ferguson's Art Class!


Materials Needed for Art Class

All Art Students have a $3.00 art fee

6th Grade: 1, 3 ring binder, 1 garbage bag

7th Grade: 1, 3 ring binder. 1, garbage bag. 2 wire clothes hangers

8th grade: 1, 3ring binder.

Feb. 2014

Class Activities and Assignments

6th Grade

Colorwheel and Mixing

1st project: Colorwheel

7th Grade

Right/Left Brain Drawing

learning to draw realistically

8th Grade

Color Mixing

Mexico's Day of the Dead: Sugar Skulls.

Learning to draw facial proportions

Sketchbooks due on fridays

8th grade only:
Sketchbook assignments are due on the final day of the week
All sketchbooks have requirements and assignments attached.

Grading policy

6th and 7th grade: grades will be based on classroom work use of materials and behavior.
S- Satisfactory; U- Unsatisfactory

8th grade: will receive a percentage grade
33% Sketchbook
33% Classroom Projects
34% Tests

Contact Information
Mrs. Lori Ferguson
Art Teacher/Olweus Anti-Bully Coordinator
1160 Lee Highway, Chilhowie VA 24319
276 646 3942